How to take great photos for big beautiful woman

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Photo is very important for big beautiful woman on a bbw dating site just like Large Friends since most people tend to say yes or no at the first glance of your profile picture. Many big beautiful women get professional photographers to take photos for a better portrait. But if you are not planning to do that, or you are hanging out and want to take some nice photos, the following tips will be helpful for you.

1) Try to make your camera in a place higher than your face. It's useful for reducing the annoying double chins.

2) Turn your face to one side slightly. It makes your face not so fat. It's good for you to get a nice face this way.

3) Look to the camera lens directly or just a little lower than it. It gives the viewer an impression that you are directly staring at him and you are more confident with yourself.

4) Show your sweetest smile. Everybody knows that a smiling face is more impressive, but many of them forgot that when they take photos. Remember that, a smile usually makes you more friendly and easy to reach in the eyes of the viewers.

At last, light is also very important when you take photos. Generally speaking, a bright light is more likely to better demonstrate your facial expressions and body.

How to take great photos for big beautiful woman BBWs, take a great photo and make yourself more impressive on a bbw dating site!

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